Jessica prescriptive manicures

Nails are not alike…treatment manicures that analyse and treat each nail for its specific type. The cuticles are tidied and cared for with oils and creams, the nail shape is perfected and finally treatment base-coats and colour are applied for the perfect finish until your next visit.

File & Polish (20 min) – £22
File, oil & cuticles (20min) – £22
File, oil, cuticles, massage & polish (45min) – £32
File, oil, cuticles, massage, hot mittens & polish (60min) – £38
Men’s nail shape, cuticle tidy & massage (20 min) – £22


File, tidy cuticles & polish* (30 min) –£35
Spa, exfoliate, file, cuticles & massage (40 min) – £40
Spa, exfoliate, file, cuticles, massage & polish* (45 min) – £42
Spa, exfoliate, file, cuticles, hot booties, massage & polish (60 min) – £45

*Please bring open toed shoes if having polish applied to toes. *


Jessica Geleration Gel Nails

Jessica Geleration Gel is a semi permanent colour that can last from 2 -3 weeks.

Other Features
protects natural nails
no smudging
no chipping
lasting high gloss finish
instantly dry
available in Jessica’s top colours

Fingers or toes – £35
Soak off – £15

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